Standing with Donald Trump

Israel’s wall along the Palesinian territory has reduced terror assaults dramatically. Tunisia and Israel are building walls to keep ISIS out of their countries. If there was little hope of the walls keeping out an entire army of well armed extremist fighters neither country would waste the resources to build them. Yet the primary excuse in the U.S. for not finishing the wall along the southern border is that it cannot work.

The false outrage over Donald Trump’s recent remarks about illegal immigrants were twisted to meet the desires of those crying wolf. Almost immediately three horrible crimes were laid at the feet of illegals sheltered in cities that refuse to cooperate with immigration laws or even court orders to deal with criminals as illegals.

There is a malignant will on the part of liberal politicians to keep our borders open to all comers be they murderers, rapists, or ISIS terrorists. Iran supports Mexican gangs along the border with the U.S. and has supplied gangs in the Southwest with weapons and training. Hizbollah and Hamas openly have a presence in Mexico within walking distance of the U.S. border. The outbreak of Enterovirus D-68 which cause deaths primarily of small children came with the influx of children illegally entering the U.S. and its spread was centered in the cities where the children were taken and housed. According the the Department of Justice over 40% of all federal prosecutions involve illegal immigrants – including most of the prosecutions for homeland security.

It has become painfully obvious to anyone who will look that the situation with illegal immigration that wanting to secure out border to the south isn’t racist; it is a form of self defense. Yes, there are nice, hardworking people coming across. A high percentage are not Mexican. Many are the dregs of societies from around the world who come here deliberately to harm America and others who simply carry disease – perhaps superbugs that can kill thousands. Armed Mexican federal agents regularly cross into the U.S. and threaten citizens here – often on their own land. Drug dealers daily bring in heroin, cocaine, and meth.

Trump rightfully has not backed down from his comments. He is willing to stand alone; but he shouldn’t be alone. If a wall can be expected to keep an army the worst humanity has to offer armed with modern weapons at bay in the Middle East it is ridiculous to think one cannot keep out illegal infants who are pushed across the border in baby strollers.

Perhaps it is time to stand with Donald Trump.. A number of businesses have said to Trump “You’re Fired” based either on fear of not being politically correct or not understanding the real situation with illegal immigration. Perhaps people should let ESPN and the PGA know that pulling the Grand Slam dinner from the Trump National Golf Course was wrong or writing NBC to tell them we won’t support the network who cancels people who tell the truth. NASCAR has already apologized for their efforts to hurt Trump, but Macy’s department store hasn’t. These entities are flexing their economic muscles – it is time we do as well.


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