This is what you asked for

Division, privacy invasion, inflation and now full out war…this is what you asked for. The 2020 election was pivotal and we failed as a nation when President Biden was elected. These are the consequences of those results.

Everyone seems to be so shocked at the way things are unfolding, but this is no shocker at all. This is the same Democratic pattern that has continued for decades. Yet, you let the media trick you into believing things would be different this time. Newsflash…it was all a lie.

They used a plandemic to blind and unstable you. They staged Donald Trump, a man who helped to stimulate the economy and bring an era of peace to the US, as the antagonist and painted Joe Biden, a man known for his support of war and economic unrest, as the “savior.” Clearly, the narrative was false and we are in a horrendous position as a nation.

Are you starting to see the grand scheme of things now? Make no mistake about it, the way that things are unfolding is exactly according to plan. The puppet masters are putting on a flawless performance with a major disrupter like Trump out of the way. And you, my friends, were the stars of the show.

You were made to feel like you were saving yourself from a threat that did not exist. You played right into the narrative that the media dished out and you did not take heed of my warnings. You became reliant on government assistance and now you’re economically disabled. You allowed your emotions to override logic and now you feel helpless.

However, you should brace yourself, because this is only the beginning. Biden and the globalist crew will not stop until the world falters under their control. They will continue to do everything in their power to break you down. Your financial security will continue to be threatened, war will continue to knock on our doors and you will never find peace as long as you are under their ruling thumb.

It’s time to break free of the bullshit that society feeds you and become a free thinker. If you and your family want to survive the crisis that has been created, I advise that you wake up to reality and do something about it. The real enemy is hard at work and they are closer to home than you’ve even realized in the past.

I hope you take these Biden years as a hard lesson and never make this mistake again. The cycle must be broken or we are all doomed.

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